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Hello Again. Setting up this blog.

We are setting up this blog so things are new to us/me lol. Hi There, We are LED GROW LIGHT SA, I say “we” because it just sounds better than, me. I say me because this is a small Business owned by one person and thats me. We aim to bring you the best price for the quality and components used,

We dont mess around and sell crappy diodes, Our Diodes are topbin from well known Manufacturers in China. Ooooh China. Lets face it there is alot of kak made in China but if you know where to look, the best stuff is also manufactured in China. We thought about going local, but being a one man team with out the know how being a electrician, plus the aluminium that gets ship from our country to China also then processed and then bought back in various products sounded crazy and expensive.

WE have great lights with great warranties that you will find it hard to find the same service and quality anywhere else.
We have a plug and play solution that is really simple to setup and all our lights come with rope ratchets and hanging clips. Our lights are made of dense specifically crafted aluminium that you will not find anywhere else as far as we are concerned. Our components are genuine and we have alot of fun installing these lights and testing them.

We hope to give you the service you deserve for the bucks you spending, I fyou understand investment you know your return will be good if its invested in a good light with no need to purchase twice.

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