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DLC Listed Fixtures

Hi everyone, We have awesome news which we have been holding onto but we stoked that we can tell you this, Its something we feel that can help push the overall quality of the LED grow light industry in South Africa in a better direction. So much to choose from and no one to really to put your money on except a special few. Congratulations to them and they are just as hard working as the next person trying to get there product noticed, this post is in no way a dig at the industry it’s something positive . Certified listed lights ,so you know your aren’t being shafted.

It’s so bad at the moment and I only will say that in regards to quality cause the prices are a dead giveaway.

Components are expensive, you can be the richest company in the world but components still cost the same, this is because its a premium product and has been thoroughly sought after , it meets all the requirements and there are so many requirements that most manufacturers cannot meet these and choose not to get lights properly tested , and so the profit predator wins and continues to pollute the market with sub par lights to unsuspecting customers whose service they recieved was great but the product they grow with somehow just isn’t what they thought it was.

Most of the range that is available is DLC listed.

We say 26 listings because our manufacturer has many top selling brands that they are behind,. Their lights get the most listings as possible cause of their wide reach. that is a peace of mind that I think the whole industry has been looking for, We know there are fixtures out there that are DLC listed and thats great , some of you or possibly a-lot of you know the benefits that come with a DLC listing

When the DLC is approved it means the fixture you have bought has been tested thoroughly in these areas. Meaning energy efficient, light distribution is of standard for greenhouse/indoor farming requirements and that the colour spectrum is correct for said tested light and lastly, longevity , testing that the quality of the components are met. Thats why Light with DLC certification lasts for much longer than any other fixture that is not DLC certified.

What make us different is that we have our range from clone lights, UV, strawberry spectra, veg, flower, supplementry and many options of spectra to customise or build from a template, we know its a cut throat industry at the moment and we aren’t here to disrupt or instigate any bad business or bad mouthing, we follow positive transparent business practices and we take a good look at anything before we get involved, Our range is special and what you see online is only what we choose to put up as not to over expose ourselves.

The fact we found everything under one roof is amazing . We are very proud of our manufacturer and they are ready to enter into the South African market . We also understand local is f@#ken lekker but it is also lekker when you can get the best locally too. I’ll be the guy on the ground negotiating and discussing the best light for the project at hand, costing and logistics etc. We aren’t profit hungry but we wont cut ourselves short either. These are professional fixtures and business will be treated the same way.

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Enjoy the start of flowering.

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