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Start Your Indoor Grow With Us Today.

We have the QBS Sereis which is perfect for the beginner enthusiast. Make sure you think about how many lights you need, so you can potentially create a perpetual harvest.

Its a great way to make sure all your goods are with you week after week or depending how you want to go and to what quality and then quantity.

Basically 100w is good for veg then upscale that to a 220w LED Grow Light for flower, so two spaces with veg and flower.

100w QBS LED Grow Light
Samsung LM301B 660nm 730nm 395nm
Dimmer 10%-100%
2 year warranty
Meanwell driver
4mm brushed dense alluminium heatsink
Hanging clips, rope ratchets, plug n’ play
LM281B+ is available too.
Real Full Spectrum

Within a few months you will be growing perpetually. Nothing better than growing your own all year round. LOVE YOUR GROW.

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