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Start Your Indoor Grow With Us Today.

We have the QBS Sereis which is perfect for the beginner enthusiast. Make sure you think about how many lights you need, so you can potentially create a perpetual harvest.

Its a great way to make sure all your goods are with you week after week or depending how you want to go and to what quality and then quantity.

Basically 100w is good for veg then upscale that to a 220w LED Grow Light for flower, so two spaces with veg and flower.

100w QBS LED Grow Light
Samsung LM301B 660nm 730nm 395nm
Dimmer 10%-100%
2 year warranty
Meanwell driver
4mm brushed dense alluminium heatsink
Hanging clips, rope ratchets, plug n’ play
LM281B+ is available too.
Real Full Spectrum

Within a few months you will be growing perpetually. Nothing better than growing your own all year round. LOVE YOUR GROW.

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The Company Owner

Ghetto Blaster

Good Day.
I am the one only owner of LED GROW LIGHT SA, Malcolm Skene, I took on this business of trying to bring affordable quality lights from China to our shores for the sole purpose to get everyone access to good QUALITY LED GROW LIGHTS IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Im a 42 year old male that has had his fair share of ups and downs, Downs been the more operative word when it comes to the path taken to LED GROW LIGHT SA. Along with the help and support from my family, got my life sorted.

I used to be a graphic designer, also played music for people in clubs too, for along time, got pretty toxic, very toxic. Needed to make a plan to make different moves in my life. One thing that held it together was the cannabis otherwise I would have definitely taken alot longer to get here if arriving here at all.

I couldn’t design “professionally” anymore because it just got so boring for me and I definitely didn’t want to DJ (yelp). Took some time off and during that time, Our Country opened its arms, sort of, to private use cannabis. From there I knew I had to involve myself inside the cannabis industry from a professional level and to be part of a industry that is gonna change alot of peoples lives for good and make a huge difference on the climate agenda.

I am also a longtime smoker, always have been. Kinda just slotted into anything we did as kids and has stuck around ever since.

LED GROW LIGHT SA saw the lights coming into the country and we wanted to bring in a better quality with better warranties and built of a higher standard with top bin diodes to match.

Through doing this research and negotiating, LED Grow Light SA have made some great contacts in China, We have built real open and honest relationships and some of the best manufacturers in the world have sought us out, offered to support us through their business.

I have been toyed with, orders messed around with big time and customs have drilled me on every level possible, I will not, we will not give up. We are here to stay and hopefully with your support lead the way to supplying our lights to the country.

The vision I have is slowly coming to fruition and patience and more patience is key to holding yourself together and some value-able life lessons have been learnt and I could not ask for anything more, except customers, lolz. feel free to message and chat, we are super friendly and open for discussion anytime.

Posing with some product.
Posing with some product.

From the day I registered the company I promised to myself that Positivity is the Light we need to follow. Onwards and Upwards. Follow That Light.


Woo-hoo intro done. Let us get to business.

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LED Grow Lights – How to Choose the Right One for Your Plants

If you’re looking to grow plants indoors, you’ll need a good quality LED grow light. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the perfect LED grow light for your plants.

Consider Your Plants’ Needs

Different plants have different lighting requirements. Some require more intense light than others, while some need specific wavelengths of light to thrive. Before purchasing an LED grow light, consider the type of plants you want to grow and their specific lighting needs.

For example, if you’re growing cannabis plants, they require a lot of light and specific wavelengths for optimal growth. On the other hand, succulents require less intense light but still need a full spectrum of wavelengths.

Determine Your Space

The size of your growing space will also determine the type and size of LED grow lights you need. If you have a small indoor garden or just a few plants on a windowsill, a small panel or bulb may suffice. However, if you have a larger space or want to grow multiple plants at once, you’ll need larger panels or multiple lights.

Look for Full Spectrum Lights

Full spectrum LED grow lights provide all the wavelengths of light that your plants need for optimal growth. Look for lights that offer both red and blue spectrums as well as infrared and ultraviolet spectrums.

Consider Wattage and PAR

Wattage refers to how much energy the LED grow light uses while PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) measures how much usable light is emitted by the lamp. A higher wattage doesn’t necessarily mean better growth if the PAR is low.

Check Reviews and Ratings

Before making any purchase, it’s always important to check reviews from other customers who have used the product before. Look for products with high ratings and positive reviews from people who have grown similar types of plants.

Choosing an LED grow light can be overwhelming but taking these factors into consideration can help narrow down your options and find the perfect fit for your indoor garden needs.

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LED Grow Lights -What are the benefits of Using Them

First off, if you have never grown under any type of lighting this article will serve as a guide to

understanding what you could grow with some quality LED Grow Lights. 

We might explore and talk about PPFD (photosynthetic photon flux density) or DLI (Daily Light integral) PAR PPF and a bunch of other acronyms to confuse you. We’ve selected an article on light science that can explain it much better than we. can.

Off the bat LED lights are far more efficient and last longer than traditional indoor/greenhouse systems. This means that the amount of energy consumed is far less than that of its predecessor the HPS or CMH. 

LED means Light emitting diode, These diodes emit light for a much longer lifespan than traditional HPS bulbs.

These traditional HPS/CMH systems were invented a long time ago and haven’t really been updated for efficiency since 1986, Sure the bulbs have changed for various applications and spectrums or sizes etc but they still chew up your electricity a lot more than the newer more recent LED grow light systems. Not all LEDs will be good for growing plants, some LEDS are less efficient than others. It’s good to stick with a reputable brand, for example, Osram, Samsung or Phillips. These companies are the leaders in LED technology.

Next up we talk Spectrums. LED Lights provide a full spectrum of visible light. Meaning we can almost simulate the same light that we experience when we are outside. The spectrum is basically a range of  colours ranging from Blue to Green to Red allowing the plant to photosynthesize. On either side of the blue and red we have Ultraviolet light and Infrared light respectively. LED lighting allows you to grow all year round with a full spectrum of light promoting healthier plants and bigger yields.

Another great advantage of using LED lights is that the LED grow system does not give off a lot of heat (BTU). Thus makes it much easier to control your climate indoors. It doesn’t take alot to cool a driver in a tent, a small fan pointed directly at it will keep your light cool no problem. The aluminium  heat sinks that come attached to your array of LED Diodes dissipate the heat passively. Traditional HPS growers complain a lot about the heat during summer and sometimes even winter (down in South Africa)

Finally as we have already touched on LEDs lifespan is about 50.000 hrs. If you make the right choice in buying the correct grow system this can keep you growing no problem for at least 4-6 years depending on how you use the light but 6 years if you use the light on a 12/12 schedule. Compare that to the older systems and you are saving tons of cash. 

Either way you look at it LEDs come out on top every time. Energy consumption, Coverage, colour, durability and longevity. It’s just the right choice for the day and age we live in today. The technology is advancing very quickly and are becoming even more efficient.  If you are looking to grow all year round indoors or in a greenhouse, LED Grow lights are what you need to be looking at.

Love Your Grow.


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Little-known compounds in cannabis may contribute to the plant’s effects, studies are showing.

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Of over 480 different compounds present in the plant, only around 66 are termed cannabinoids. The most well known among these compounds is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC) from google search.

New Cannabinoids being discovered follow the link after the image

Terple (cannaclone cut) cross some Super Gloo (GG4 x CV8 Super lemon Haze) another one of @thefarmersgown

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DLC Listed Fixtures

Hi everyone, We have awesome news which we have been holding onto but we stoked that we can tell you this, Its something we feel that can help push the overall quality of the LED grow light industry in South Africa in a better direction. So much to choose from and no one to really to put your money on except a special few. Congratulations to them and they are just as hard working as the next person trying to get there product noticed, this post is in no way a dig at the industry it’s something positive . Certified listed lights ,so you know your aren’t being shafted.

It’s so bad at the moment and I only will say that in regards to quality cause the prices are a dead giveaway.

Components are expensive, you can be the richest company in the world but components still cost the same, this is because its a premium product and has been thoroughly sought after , it meets all the requirements and there are so many requirements that most manufacturers cannot meet these and choose not to get lights properly tested , and so the profit predator wins and continues to pollute the market with sub par lights to unsuspecting customers whose service they recieved was great but the product they grow with somehow just isn’t what they thought it was.

Most of the range that is available is DLC listed.

We say 26 listings because our manufacturer has many top selling brands that they are behind,. Their lights get the most listings as possible cause of their wide reach. that is a peace of mind that I think the whole industry has been looking for, We know there are fixtures out there that are DLC listed and thats great , some of you or possibly a-lot of you know the benefits that come with a DLC listing

When the DLC is approved it means the fixture you have bought has been tested thoroughly in these areas. Meaning energy efficient, light distribution is of standard for greenhouse/indoor farming requirements and that the colour spectrum is correct for said tested light and lastly, longevity , testing that the quality of the components are met. Thats why Light with DLC certification lasts for much longer than any other fixture that is not DLC certified.

What make us different is that we have our range from clone lights, UV, strawberry spectra, veg, flower, supplementry and many options of spectra to customise or build from a template, we know its a cut throat industry at the moment and we aren’t here to disrupt or instigate any bad business or bad mouthing, we follow positive transparent business practices and we take a good look at anything before we get involved, Our range is special and what you see online is only what we choose to put up as not to over expose ourselves.

The fact we found everything under one roof is amazing . We are very proud of our manufacturer and they are ready to enter into the South African market . We also understand local is f@#ken lekker but it is also lekker when you can get the best locally too. I’ll be the guy on the ground negotiating and discussing the best light for the project at hand, costing and logistics etc. We aren’t profit hungry but we wont cut ourselves short either. These are professional fixtures and business will be treated the same way.

Professional explanation on

The 3 Factors in DesignLights Consortium®



Enjoy the start of flowering.

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LED Diodes LM281B VS LM301B

Do we say versus or should we just see the difference coming from a hobby grower and small business owner.
I am in no way a Light fundi or scientifically educated, Im more of a hobby grower and will speak on the experience of using the two different diodes in brief. Below are some snippets from the web too, trying to find a good explanation for this common question.

Luminous Efficacy: LM281B 165 lm/per watt Lumens per watt
Luminous Efficacy: Lm301b 220lm/per watt Lumens per watt

 A lumen is a measure of how much visible light is emitted by a source. Lumens per watt (lm/W) refers to the energy efficiency of lighting: how much visible light you get for a given amount of electricity. For example, a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb in the US produces 860 lumens.

Main difference as far as we’re concerned is lumens/watt, as shown in the screenshots below. The spectrums are pretty similar, and some manufactures are using more 281’s than they would 301’s so that they can be driven at lower current for better efficiency, in at attempt to match the overall efficiency of a 301 fixture, and based on some testing, it seems to be working. The 281’s are also a higher powered diode, which additionally helps with efficiency at lower wattage. Also 281’s are slightly rectangle, while 301’s are square. – PJ Diaz @ ROLLITUP FORUM best answer we have found to date. we will keep looking.

image from our QBS4000 LM281B+

Designed for better lm/$
• 0.5W class mid power LED
• Suitable for ambient lights, downlights & lamps
• Standard footprint: 2.8mm x 3.5mm

image from our QBS4000 LM301B

High performance, highest lm/W
for fluorescent lamp replacement
• 0.2W, 3V mid-power LED
• Standard footprint: 3.0mm x 3.0mm

What we have found that if your environment is setup correctly there will not be a huge difference in yield, It will take a few grows before you dial your environment in and you will get the feel for what the lights can do. We have experienced growing different trains at the same time is always a gamble with dry weight, But a dedicated grow to one strain your yield will be more consistent. You will not get a big yield no matter what you do until your environment is dialled in. I think I’ve said that enough times.

Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay


Just a thought the way the industry is going selling their lights cheaper and cheaper, to be perfectly frank, I have no idea how they make a living, guess they have cash to spend and are looking for quick returns. Luckily Im/We are in it for the long run, we will wait for all the kak to get filtered out, We will wait when lights fail and there are no warranties to take advantage of and we will wait for the clients who know what they want and don’t mind spending the money on the investment first time instead of buying more than one unit from multiple suppliers because you are not happy with your previous purchase made.

in the Kit included with all purchases this is for the QBS4000 two rope ratches and two hanging clips/cables
Waterproofed connection points with a nano film over our boards for extra ip65 protection
We chose to brand our boards so we can be sure our name sticks. just like some of the buds you will be growing

We aim to provide the one-stop plug and play solution where you buy once and end up saving more than buying twice or even worse three to four times. We have thouroughly scanned the market for the best lights at the best price with warranties to match. We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee privided the requirements are met.

The LM281B Diodes are more than capable of providing enough micromoles to your plants and are perfect for small to medium micro grows or you can add as many as you like and scale up as big as you like for a budget that might be better suited. We promote the LM281B to the hobbyist/budget grower who is scared to go all in but wants results for the money they spent.

Thats the beauty of the LM281B you will not even remeber that those are the diodes you are using cause the results speak for themselves (remembering the environment setup). We have gotten over 30g a plant in a small cuboard using the QB1000 LM281 growing 4 plants. thats just over 1g a watt while using LM301B we are getting and average 40/55g a plant using the QBS1000 LM301B which work out to just under 1.8/9g a watt. Again we could get more with more lights but this is the average grow with strains that are known for growing indooors and have been sought after, in other words Good Genetics is key obviously but growing strain specific grows your yield will be better and more consistent. Also i have found you can get both lights pretty close to the canopy, But also different strains different requirements another factor of dialling that environment in. Goddam I love growing and growing you never stop adapting to the constant requirements of these unbelievable plants. Peace Love and Dirt.

Next article will be a intro on myself and what my background is and how I got here, I hope you enjoy these posts, Ill be doing more and getting to say our piece regarding the industry coming from a normal hobby grower bringing good honest business to a growing community.

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Hello Again. Setting up this blog.

We are setting up this blog so things are new to us/me lol. Hi There, We are LED GROW LIGHT SA, I say “we” because it just sounds better than, me. I say me because this is a small Business owned by one person and thats me. We aim to bring you the best price for the quality and components used,

We dont mess around and sell crappy diodes, Our Diodes are topbin from well known Manufacturers in China. Ooooh China. Lets face it there is alot of kak made in China but if you know where to look, the best stuff is also manufactured in China. We thought about going local, but being a one man team with out the know how being a electrician, plus the aluminium that gets ship from our country to China also then processed and then bought back in various products sounded crazy and expensive.

WE have great lights with great warranties that you will find it hard to find the same service and quality anywhere else.
We have a plug and play solution that is really simple to setup and all our lights come with rope ratchets and hanging clips. Our lights are made of dense specifically crafted aluminium that you will not find anywhere else as far as we are concerned. Our components are genuine and we have alot of fun installing these lights and testing them.

We hope to give you the service you deserve for the bucks you spending, I fyou understand investment you know your return will be good if its invested in a good light with no need to purchase twice.

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Our LED Grow Light Business is our passion.

Hi and Welcome to LED Grow Light SA,

LED grow light SA - Web Logo
LED grow light SA – Web Logo

We are just letting you know that we are here to help. We want our customers to have a positive experience and that is why we aim to provide the best possible service when purchasing from LED Grow Light SA.

Here are some important things we want you to know about us:

. We are a small business run by one person so please be patient

· We are committed to market research; looking for the best quality product out there.

· We are interested in hearing from you. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions.
Having regular communication with our customers ensures we know what our customers want and also how we can improve.

· Our payment system is fully secured with a number of gateway payment options.

Thank you for choosing LED Grow Light SA and for joining us on this exciting journey to the perfect grow. We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase.

Malcolm Skene
Owner and Fellow Grower