LB Series 480w 660w

  • LED GROW LIGHT High intensity for High performance
  • Top bin LEDs
  • Balanced Full-spectrum light output
  • Dimmable up to 50% without loss in efficiency
  • Integrated drivers
  • 5 year Warranty
  • 2.3 to 2.8 umol/J
  • Different spectra available


We have a wide range of LED GROW LIGHT sizes in output ranging from 170w all the way through to 720. The brushed aluminium finish will have you drooling before you have setup your lights, The easy to do hang and play installation takes less than 15 minutes to set up. Equipped with Osram Diodes through and through with the best integrated drivers on the planet. we use OSRAM E5 Series LEDs for our white LEDs

These bespoke custom built in integrated LED Grow light drivers are more than sufficient to drive these mid power diodes. The drivers are located on each side inside the aluminium extruded bars, each bar has its own dedicated driver for each bar. Ensuring any fail safe protocols are met should failure occur. W5yr warranty. We have a few different spectra to offer ranging from 2.3 umol/J through to 2.7 umol/J.
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All Our luminaires come with the dimmer and M16 daisy-chain connectors. We have options of spectra available and colour temps of 3200k and 4000k made up with a ratio of diodes to make up our spectra.
Comes with a 1.8m power cable and all connectors are heavy duty and waterproofed.
The LED GROW LIGHT bars offer a great heat dissipation method as the heat escapes through the top. These lights run very cool even in the summer.

LB8 660 Osram Chips/Diodes
Standard Dimmer
Free Rope Ratchets and Clip hangers with every purchase

Our Lights installed in greenhouses across US & EU.