Why IP ratings matter – all our LED lights are IP65 rated.

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Grow Lights Certified for Damp and Wet Greenhouse Environments

As indoor farming continues to gain positive attention from the world of agriculture, LED Grow Light SA LEDs are more than excited to introduce ourselves as a High Quality Grow Light supplier to the vertical farming and greenhouse industries and for the serious private farmer. Our next generation LED grow lights feature unbeatable optics, the industry’s highest PPFD levels, and enhanced spectral accuracy for optimal crop yield. With indoor growing comes consideration of environmental factors such as humidity and dampness. We are able to create the best LED grow lights for the horticulture industry with Ingress Protection certified for dampness, humidity, high heat, and energy consumption.

LED Grow Lights SA ™ LED’s for Damp Environments

The use of water and liquid chemicals, including dirt and dust factors in the air, brings a challenge to the lifespan of an LED light fixture. It’s important to have a durable lighting fixture designed to stand up against humidity and the damp greenhouse environment in order to produce optimal yield. Because LED Grow Light SA Technology offers lower operating temperatures, indoor growing with our grow lights will not raise temperatures or stress the way other lighting fixtures are prone to do.

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system scores the ability of electronic equipment to prevent the admission of solids and liquids into the electrical components, which would cause deterioration or malfunction. Products earn an IP code where each digit classifies the degree of protection, the first digit expresses the level of protection against solid objects and the second digit for the liquids. Due to SpecGrade’s robust engineering, our products have an IP rating of either IP42 or IP65 indicating the lighting fixtures are safe in wet conditions. The GBL™, GBB™ & GBBL™ and TGBG™ grow lights have an IP65 rating, demonstrating that these fixtures can stand against condensation, falling drops, sprays, splashes, and even low pressure water jets.

With electrical connections and circuit boards safely sealed, the use of liquid and solident components like misting and watering systems used in indoor hydroponic greenhouses will not affect the lifespan or functionality of a LED GROW LIGHT SA™ product. All our Diodes are protected with a watertight sealed silcone film. Making it perfect for any growing conditions. If your product that you bought has an IP67 rating, put on your snorkelling gear cause youll be able to farm under water. LED Grow Light SA ™ advises against any rating below IP65. If you’r a serious grower, this
is a no brainer. Go the extra mile and make sure you get the Quality you need for the value you spend. included in this article is a link to a pdf from Specgradeled.com on best practices for grow lights, very informative, check it out.

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