Are the QBS, LB & TB series lights good for both Veg and Bloom?

Yes, the spectrum of QBS and TB and LB series are great for all stages.

Are the QBS Series , TB series and LB Series lights dimmable?

QBS1000, QBS2000, QBS4000 have an a potentiometer come standard with the series.

How long can I expect shipping?

We have a factory in China. We arrange shipment within 24-48 business hours after you placed the order , and will provide you with the tracking number so you can follow it journey along the way, usually you can get your package 5~10 business days providing you product is ready to ship , and there will be no extra custom tax needed on behalf of the customer.

I cannot select s the shipping method when I place the order, what can I do?

If you can’t select a shipping method when you place the order, it is because we handle the Shipping to South Africa and then ship the product(s) to you, this is too avoid custom duties on behalf of the customer at no extra cost, If you would like your product(s) shipped to your door straight from the factory then please contact us to do so.