Samsung LED GROW LIGHT Series 100w 220w 450w


led grow light – samsung lm301b with meanwell driver
                                   samsung lm281b with meanwell driver

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Here you will find a range of  Full spectrum LED Grow Lights that are manufactured in China that come with Samsung LM281B+ and LM301B Diodes. Our spectrum is 3000/5000k with 660nm and 730nm. These lights will fit a space from 80 x 80cm to 120 x 120cm. Our Lights have been tried and tested. If you would like to view our lights and you live in the Cape Town area, We can schedule an appointment. 100w, 240w and 450w, all our lights have dimmers which allows the slight extra power plus minus. Best LED grow LIGHTS in South Africa from a trusted supplier


led grow light – samsung lm301b with meanwell driver
led grow light – samsung lm281b+ with meanwell driver 

Our  Full spectrum Led Grow Lights come in 100w 200w 400w  Range. QBS Series Comes with two versions of diodes LM301B and LM281B+. Both are more than sufficient to grow multiple plants, The Samsung LM301B being a more efficient diode and with a higher PPFD of 2.6 umol/J while the Samsung LM281B+ has a u/mol of 2.4 umol/J both are full spectrum and pack a punch when dialled in correctly. Our LED Grow Lights come with a 1 year warranty provided all requirements are met.

We have equipped the boards with a 3000k/5000k colour spectrum and added to have 660nm Deep Red and 730nm Far red to the spectrum to give the grower full advantage of the newest LED lighting tech. Our standard light comes with a 0-10v dimmer in waterproofed cables and joints. We have a thin nano film coating the Diode/LED array. Please do not wipe the nano film with a cloth it will break the film there fore making it susceptible to sulphur damage on your LED array.

All LED Grow Light QBS series are good from Veg to Bloom and comes with a dimmer, you will have an option of adding a daisy chain dimmer if we have in stock. Not only will these lights cut cost but are really great for all the stages of growth, If you would like to follow to see exactly which lights they will be testing for us at any given time. We have some great looking shots coming from his page. Enjoy yourself and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Go ahead make your choice following the options to choose from on the product drop down menus. LOVE YOUR GROW

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100w, 220w, 450w

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LM301B, LM281B+

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Potentiometer Dimmer, Daisy Chain Dimmer


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