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The Company Owner

Ghetto Blaster

Good Day.
I am the one only owner of LED GROW LIGHT SA, Malcolm Skene, I took on this business of trying to bring affordable quality lights from China to our shores for the sole purpose to get everyone access to good QUALITY LED GROW LIGHTS IN SOUTH AFRICA.

Im a 42 year old male that has had his fair share of ups and downs, Downs been the more operative word when it comes to the path taken to LED GROW LIGHT SA. Along with the help and support from my family, got my life sorted.

I used to be a graphic designer, also played music for people in clubs too, for along time, got pretty toxic, very toxic. Needed to make a plan to make different moves in my life. One thing that held it together was the cannabis otherwise I would have definitely taken alot longer to get here if arriving here at all.

I couldn’t design “professionally” anymore because it just got so boring for me and I definitely didn’t want to DJ (yelp). Took some time off and during that time, Our Country opened its arms, sort of, to private use cannabis. From there I knew I had to involve myself inside the cannabis industry from a professional level and to be part of a industry that is gonna change alot of peoples lives for good and make a huge difference on the climate agenda.

I am also a longtime smoker, always have been. Kinda just slotted into anything we did as kids and has stuck around ever since.

LED GROW LIGHT SA saw the lights coming into the country and we wanted to bring in a better quality with better warranties and built of a higher standard with top bin diodes to match.

Through doing this research and negotiating, LED Grow Light SA have made some great contacts in China, We have built real open and honest relationships and some of the best manufacturers in the world have sought us out, offered to support us through their business.

I have been toyed with, orders messed around with big time and customs have drilled me on every level possible, I will not, we will not give up. We are here to stay and hopefully with your support lead the way to supplying our lights to the country.

The vision I have is slowly coming to fruition and patience and more patience is key to holding yourself together and some value-able life lessons have been learnt and I could not ask for anything more, except customers, lolz. feel free to message and chat, we are super friendly and open for discussion anytime.

Posing with some product.
Posing with some product.

From the day I registered the company I promised to myself that Positivity is the Light we need to follow. Onwards and Upwards. Follow That Light.


Woo-hoo intro done. Let us get to business.